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Fully Restored, Generation One, 1986 Toyota 4Runner

(Sorry, dog NOT included!)

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February 2021 UPDATE:          FOR SALE: Asking Price $23,900 (O.B.O. - series inquires only please.)


The FULL and complete restoration of our 1986 Toyota 4Runner is now FINALLY finished! Its been a long process (over 18 months) but we are proud of the finished results. This original, Generation One 4Runner never looked (or ran) so good!


The pictures below illustrate the finished results. The truck is running GRRREAT, and its ready for a new owner and a new second life!


Details of this restoration project have been added below. Additional pictures are available upon request, including extensive detailed pictures of the restoration process itself and each of its phases.


July, 2020 UPDATE - We just finished an extensive upgrade of the interior including all new LED lighting, accent lighting, carpeting, new seats and seat covers with a matching leather steering wheel cover and new cool-blue anodized mats. We have posted updated interior pictures below.


If you have any questions regarding our 1986 Toyota 4Runner Restoration Project, or are interested in purchasing this vehicle, please send us a message through the link on the Contact Us page or email us directly at: Admin@4RunnerRestoration.com 


4Runner Restoration Project Administrator - February, 2021 





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Fully Restored 1986 Toyota 4Runner


This restoration took place basically in two parts.




The first part of this restoration, was the main drive train, which was completed a few years ago. This consisted of a brand new 22RE crate engine, which was built from the ground up using a NOS stock block that was in inventory in Washington state, but had never been used. The new crate engine was then built from the ground up using ALL brand-new components, including a new crankshaft, ALL new bearings, new rods, new pistons and rings, a new double metal timing chain and sprocket, a new harmonic balancer and a new oil and water pump. The head portion of the engine was manufactured brand-new, by a company in up state New York, which also built and assembled the new crate engine.


The automatic transmission was also restored at the same time that the engine was done. The trans was completely rebuilt using all brand-new components under the Toyota Platinum Trans Rebuild program that was completed by the largest transmission building facility in the US, which is located near Pittsburgh, PA.


Also done was a rebuild of the front transfer case, the installation of a new drive shaft, and a new 4.88 Detroit Locker rear differential was installed as well.


We also rebuilt the truck’s front and rear suspension, including all new shocks, a new front sway bar, and new rear leaf springs including the addition of Add-A-Leaf helper springs. This gave the 4Runner the perfect, level ride, and an approximate 2” lift. The new rear springs are rated to support a cargo weight of 750lbs.


This work was completed on the 4Runner at exactly 120,000 miles on the odometer.

There is approximately 19,634 miles on the engine/trans/front transfer/rear differential, drive train restoration, as of January 20th, 2021. There is less then 500 miles on the rest of the 4Runner restoration, outside of the drive train restoration that was done originally.


Total miles on the restored Toyota 4Runner, as of January 20th, 2021, is 139,634,

which includes 19,634 miles on the restored drive train components.




The second part of the restoration of the 86’ Toyota 4Runner, was a much more extensive project and took approximately 18-20 months to complete. This included the removal of the engine and trans, and the complete restoration of the frame.  The frame was media blasted down to the bare metal, then acid primed the steel, (which covers the frame in a rock-hard base coating) then paint primed, then painted and then a final ceramic coating was applied to the frame.


All necessary exterior body work was also completed on the truck, and the truck was repainted, including the engine bay, under the front hood, (and new hood insulation was added) the door jams and the undercarriage including all new SEALED wheel wells and carbon fiber fender flares.


All of the suspension components were also restored and replaced as needed. New fuel and brake lines were installed, new front pads, calibers and rotors were installed and new rear shoes and drums were installed. The front calibers and the rear drums are also ceramic powder coated as are the original Toyota 4Runner wheel rims (see pictures below.)


A new stainless steel complete exhaust system was installed, from the new front headers all the way back to the chromed exhaust tip.


In addition, all of the engine bay components have been refurbished or replaced, including;

  1. a new radiator and all new stainless-steel wrapped hoses, heater hoses and A/C lines,
  2. a new front A/C condenser unit was installed and a remanufactured to new A/C compressor installed.
  3. a new power steering unit and alternator were installed.
  4. a new water pump and oil pump were also replaced on the engine when it was pulled.
  5. a new master cylinder and brake reservoir were installed.
  6. all new vacuum lines were installed, new silicone premium high-performance spark plug wires were installed as well as new plugs, a new coil, a new distributor, rotor and cap were installed, and a new ignition coil.
  7. a new removable keyed master battery shutoff was also installed under the hood.
  8. new under hood installation was installed, and the new headers were fiberglass packed and a new insulated stainless steel exhaust cover was added and a new oxygen sensor was also installed.
  9. a brand-new Toyota visor tinted windshield was installed, with an extra heavy duty windshield seal, new chrome windshield trims and an original Toyota 4Runner windshield graphic was put on, that was originally purchased back in the late 80's (but was never installed.)
  10. a new, more modern looking, sleek and updated, heavy duty aluminum engine skid plate was added to the front of the 4Runner, replacing the original black Toyota skid plate.
  11. new Xeon Halogen switched fog lights were incorporated into the original Toyota heavy duty front bumper, and look and work great!
  12. new Xeon Halogen headlights were also installed.
  13. new, super bright Xeon backup lights were also installed in the rear backup lights.
  14. a new, GTS blue transparent hood protector, which was custom made for the 86' 4Runner was also added to protect the newly painted and dipped front hood. This is designed to be easily removed when it comes time to wash and detail the truck.
  15. A new 'Howling Wolf - Full Moon' rear window graphic privacy film was also installed.

NOTE:  Many of the new components which were installed under the hood,

may include a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty, which may be transferrable to the new owner.

All restoration documentation will be included in the sale.


For the exterior, any required body work was completed, and the truck was then base painted and then 'dipped’ using a liquid wrap. The dip is a Deep-Sea Blue Metallic Pearl coating, with a dip clear coating as well. What really makes this 4Runner really stand out, is that exterior now has a blue anodized metal look to it, and the blue color will hyper shift to various shades of blue, depending on the lighting or sunlight. And the blue pearls in the dip, really stand out in the bright sun. 


New heavy duty, ceramic undercoated steel & fiberglass side steps were installed, which were also painted and striped in a matching blue metallic reflective pin stripe. The exterior of the truck was striped in a bright lime green pin stripe which offers a perfect contrast to the Deep-Sea Blue Anodized color of the truck’s body.


The front grill and headlight doors were also replaced with new, original Toyota OEM components and new Lexan polycarbonate headlight wrap-around clear protectors were installed, which protect the headlights and the side marker lights from being impacted by road debris. 


New Toyota genuine carbon fiber rock shields were installed, on the rear leading edge quarters, as well as new carbon fiber fender flares were installed on all four fenders. These fender flares were also liquid silicone sealed to the body flare, which prevents any dirt, water, salt or other road debris from getting lodged under the flare.


New wheel well liners were also installed and completely sealed with aluminum/fiberglass tape, which also prevents road salts, dirt and mud from getting trapped between the inner wheel wells and the interior portions of the fender body of the 4Runner (which is a leading cause of fender rust outs.)


All exterior window trims and B-Pillar side trim panels were redone in a carbon fiber wrap and new 1986 Toyota 4Runner pillar emblems were installed.


All of the fiberglass roof seals were replaced and properly and permanently sealed.


The interior of the 1986 Toyota 4Runner was also redone, which included carpeting, and re-upholstered memory foam front seats with premium, high-end blue anodized metallic-look seat covers. The frames, tracks and locking mechanisms of the front seats had also been completely redone and repainted. All of the interior trim pieces were also redone.

The trucks original rear seats had been originally covered in a protective plastic since the truck was new way back in 1986 and had been folded down and covered over, for most of the truck's life. Because of this, these seats are still in near perfect, excellent condition. These were covered in the new anodized blue metallic type seat covers to protect them and to color and pattern match the newly upholstered front seats.


New multi-intensity, pure white light LED lighting was also added to the three main sections of the interior (the front seat, rear seats and cargo areas) and additional LED lighting was added to the rear cargo area (see pictures below.)

In addition, new under seat, remote controlled, accent lighting was also installed, which illuminates the interior floor area.

New Toyota Logo projector door courtesy lights were installed on both doors which automatically turn on when the doors are opened, to help illuminate the area beneath the door side steps. (See pics below.)


A new high performance Jensen hide-away & removable faceplate CD sound system (with remote) was installed. All of the interior components were also completely refurbished, including all seat trims and side panels.


The windows were tinted with photo-chromatic window film, which will lighten or darken as needed according to the brightness of the day outside. The rear retractable window, is covered in a one-way 'Howling Wolf' silhouette window film graphic.


The rear tail gate retraction motor was also replaced and a spare unit will come with the sale of the truck.


Anodized metallic looking mats were installed, (which matches the exterior of the truck) as well as new interior accent/mood lighting, which can be changed or controlled via an included remote-control unit. 

The original equipment Toyota steel mag wheels were media blasted, acid primed, paint primed and powder-coated. New body matching anodized blue lugs nuts and custom painted original (new) Toyota center wheel caps were also installed.


New original equipment front locking hubs were installed, and new rear wheel cylinders.


New front rotors, pads and powder-coated calipers were installed and new rear brakes, emergency brake and powder-coated drums were also installed.




This restoration was a complete rehab and restoration of every single component and square inch of this 1986 Toyota 4Runner.


Anyone purchasing this vehicle will not be disappointed as to the quality and extensiveness of this 4Runner restoration.


Interior Pictures - Updated August, 2020

The interior of the 4Runner has been completely redone as well. This included updated new carpeting, new interior LED overhead and accent lighting, anodized blue metal look matts, and newly updated memory foam front seats with matching anodized looking seat covers.

A new customized raised center console and padded arm rest/storage unit was also installed on top of the original center storage pocket door, for a raised and more comfortable center arm rest. Both storage pockets are available for use, and the original center unit is unaltered. The newly installed top unit is perfect for storing CDs or other important items.

New front memory foam seats just installed.

New dash updates include a new Jensen CD Audio System with remote and with a hide-away (and/or removable) faceplate that securely rotates and 'hides' when the vehicle is turned off. Also a dash digital temperature guage that displays interior and exterior temps and alarms when freezing road conditions are occurring. And a lighted pocket storage area (that can be turned on or off) and a switchable map light. Also four new 12v outlets are available in the center dash, to power your needed electronics. 

All interior lighting has been updated with new, modern LED lighting, for each of the three sections of the 4Runner.

The interior is now bright and nicely lit with very nice looking, pure white balanced LED lighting.

New bright LED lighting was added to the cargo area as well, and this can be turned on and off from either the rear cargo area or from the drivers seat as originally designed by Toyota. 

Pictured below, each door has been fitted with a Toyota logo projection courtesy light, that displays the Toyota logo on the ground when you open the door, to illuminate the area just below the door when you are stepping in and out of the 4Runner.

Pretty nifty, eh?

'B' Piller and window trims were updated in a carbon-fiber wrap and new Toyota 4Runner B-Pillar logos were installed.

(Sorry, but dog IS NOT included in the sale of this restored 4Runner!)

The cargo area is fully padded with a nice thick, insulating foam padding and a stain resistant carpet

for your furry friends that will be riding in the back!


Previous Pictures 

(taken during the restoration process and before the installation of the carbon-fiber fender flares.)


The dip/paint color that was used for this Gen-1, 1986 Toyota 4Runner restoration project, is a very unique, Anodized Deep Sea Blue Pearl color, which is a color/hue shifting dip. It will appear slightly lighter or darker, depending on the current light conditions, and the blue pearls in the dip/paint really glisten in the bright sunlight. 

Carbon-fiber fender flares shown here, prior to painting them a ceramic satin black and clear coated.

Added Safety ...

Since the required 3rd brake light, (which is now required for all current vehicles on the road) was not a requirement back in 1986, this 4Runner never had one. So we installed a 3rd brake light and some additional top bumper strip brake and turn signal lighting as well. The bumper strip lighting is a hidden black tinted strip, which only shows up when the brakes are depressed, and the normal brake lights come on. Now the back of the truck has plenty of noticeable brake lighting. After all, we don't want any distracted drivers running into the back of our newly restored 4Runner, now do we?

The rear license plate light bar was redone in a more modern carbon fiber wrap as was the top of the rear tailgate, for wear and scratch protection.

Pictures taken during the restoration process.

The fiberglass roof before and after painting (above and below) and before the addition of a clear coat (below.)

The rear fiberglass roof was sanded, primed and re-painted in a black satin base coat, clear coat automotive acrylic enamel.

Installed a brand new 22RE crate engine, with a higher performance cam and matching crank shaft. The factory reman'd-to-new crate engine was built using ALL completely new components, including an original NOS stock Toyota 22R block (that was discovered sitting in old inventory at a Toyota dealer in Washington state) and the remand-to-new process included a new higher performance crank, all new bearings, rods, pistons and rings. A completely brand new head was built by a Japanese remanufacturing facility in upstate New York, who also completely the final block and head assembly. The engine was then shipped to an engine installer in Pittsburgh, PA.

In the picture above, the new EFI unit and the valve cover are custom high-temp, multi-colored, ceramic powder coated, which protects these engine elements with a rock hard, beautiful glossy coating that will virtually last forever! And nothing sticks to it, and it will never rust or corrode (and it is oh sooooo easy to keep clean and looks fantastic!)

Now is this engine a work of art or what?

She's a beauty and runs as good as she looks!

Every single square inch and every single component of this 4Runner was completely restored. The frame and undercarriage was media blasted, acid prime sealed, paint primed, and then finish painted and top coated with a ceramic Rhino Coating.

It is now well protected from road salts and corrosion and should last a very long time.

The picture above, illustrates how the pearls in the paint react to various light.

New powder coated steel wheels and rear brake drums. Pretty classy, eh?

And of course, all smacking brand new GT Steel Belted 31 x 10.5 Adventuro AT3 LT Tires.

If you are interested in purchasing this vehicle, or you would like additional information on this vehicle restoration, then please let us know by using the form on our Contact Us page or emailing us directly at: Admin@4RunnerRestoration.com 


We have extensively logged with pictures and full documentation, each and every step in this restoration project and we have available upon request additional 'behind-the-scene' pictures of each phase of the restoration project. If you are interested in seeing these, please just email us.


4Runner Restoration Project Administrator




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