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Fully Restored, Generation One, 1986 Toyota 4Runner

(Sorry, dog NOT included!)

Welcome to 4RunnerRestoration.com


April 2020 UPDATE:           (This vehicle is now available for sale.)


The FULL and complete restoration of our 1986 Toyota 4Runner is now FINALLY completed! The pictures below illustrate the finished results. The truck is running GRRREAT, and its ready for a new owner and a new second life!


We will be updating this website in the coming weeks, with the detailed step-by-step pictures and commentary of each phase of the restoration process. But in short, every single component and every single square inch of this vehicle, both inside and out, has been completely restored. 


If you have any questions regarding our 1986 Toyota 4Runner, or are interested in purchasing this vehicle, please send us a message through the link on the Contact Us page.


4Runner Restoration Project Administrator - April, 2020 



July, 2020 UPDATE - We just finished an extensive upgrade of the interior including all new LED lighting, accent lighting, carpeting, new seats and seat covers with a matching leather steering wheel cover and new cool-blue anodized mats. We will be posting updated interior pics of this restored 4Runner in the coming weeks.

So check back soon!


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Interior Pictures - Updated August, 2020

The interior of the 4Runner has been completely redone as well. This included updated new carpeting, new interior LED overhead and accent lighting, anodized blue metal look matts, and newly updated memory foam front seats with matching anodized looking seat covers.

New front memory foam seats just installed.

New dash updates include a new CD Audio System with remote and with a hide-away (and/or removable) faceplate that securely rotates and 'hides' when the vehicle is turned off. Also a dash digital temperature guage that displays interior and exterior temps and alarms when freezing road conditions are occurring. And a lighted pocket storage area (that can be turned on or off) and a switchable map light.

All interior lighting has been updated with new, modern LED lighting, for each of the three sections of the 4Runner.

Each door has been fitted with a courtesy projection light, that displays the Toyota logo on the ground when you open the door, to illuminate the area just below the door when you are stepping in and out of the 4Runner.

Pretty nifty, eh?


Previous Pictures 

(taken during the restoration process and before the installation of the carbon-fiber fender flares.)


The paint color used for this Gen-1, 1986 Toyota 4Runner restoration project, is a very unique, Anodized Deep Sea Blue Pearl color, which is a color/hue shifting paint. It will appear slightly lighter or darker, depending on the current light conditions, and the blue pearls in the paint really glisten in the bright sunlight. 

Pictures taken during the restoration process.

The fiberglass roof before and after painting (above and below) and before the addition of a clear coat (below.)

Installed a brand new 22RE crate engine, with a higher performance cam and matching crank shaft. The new EFI unit and the valve cover are powder coated, which protects these engine elements with a rock hard, beautiful glossy coating that will virtually last forever and nothing sticks to it, and it will never rust or corrode (and it is oh sooooo easy to keep clean!)

Now is this engine a work of art or what?

She's a beauty and runs as good as she looks!

Every single square inch and every single component of this 4Runner was completely restored. The frame and undercarriage was media blasted, acid prime sealed, paint primed, and then finish painted and top coated with a ceramic Rhino Coating.

It is now well protected from road salts and corrosion and should last a very long time.

The picture above, illustrates how the pearls in the paint react to various light.

New powder coated steel wheels and rear brake drums. Pretty classy, eh?

And of course, all smacking brand new GT Steel Belted 31 x 10.5 Adventuro AT3 LT Tires.

If you are interested in purchasing this vehicle, or you would like additional information on this vehicle restoration, then please let us know by using the form on our Contact Us page.


4Runner Restoration Project Administrator


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