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March 2019 UPDATE:

Our (long) 19 month, 4Runner Restoration project is nearly complete! Just a couple of weeks away from total completion, as we are now just doing a few (last minute) updates to the vehicle (i.e. - we will be adding new carbon fiber trimmed extended fender flares and a new sound system to the vehicle.)


We will be updating this website, over the coming weeks, with some additional photos as they become available and we are also designing a completely new website format and layout for this site, which will launch with the debut of the final pics of the completed and fully restored 86’ 4Runner.


The new website, which will be launched later this month, will feature all of the pictures and documentation of this 19 month long Toyota 4Runner restoration project.


So please check back in the coming weeks.





This page will be the future website homepage for 4RunnerRestoration.com, which will detail the complete restoration project, (currently underway and near completion), of a classic Gen-1, 1986 Toyota 4Runner.


We are nearing the completion of this project, and we will be posting the complete details and pictures of this restoration project here on this website, once the project is completed in the coming weeks.


But if you can't wait till then, and you are interested in seeing any pics of our "work in progress", then please feel free to contact us, and we'll be glad to email you some updated pictures of this exciting restoration project.


Once this project is completed, this restored 1986 Toyota 4Runner will be made available for sale to the public, in the coming weeks. 


And should you have any specific questions about this project or any questions pertaining to  how to restore a classic generation one Toyota 4Runner (or any other vehicle), please let us know, as maybe we can help.


So check back here soon, as the details of this exciting restoration project will be published here, within the coming weeks.


Webmaster, December 2018 





Here's some "preview" pictures of this soon-to-be completed, restored 1986 Toyota 4Runner:


(New pictures added - March, 2019)

The paint color used for this Gen-1, 1986 Toyota 4Runner restoration project, is a very unique, Anodized Deep Sea Blue Pearl color, which is a color/hue shifting paint. It will appear slightly lighter or darker, depending on the current light conditions, and the blue pearls in the paint really glisten in the bright sunlight. "Its Gorgeous" have said the people who have seen it first hand, so far! Stay tuned for the coming full reveal of this beautiful, fully restored, Generation One, 1986 Toyota 4Runner classic, which is scheduled to be completed in the coming weeks! 

Revisit this site again soon, for the exciting FULL reveal pictures of this Gen-1 1986 Toyota 4Runner, which is just a few weeks away from being completed! And then this truck will be made available to the public. If interested in purchasing this vehicle, or you would like additional information on this vehicle restoration, then please let us know by using our contact page.


Webmaster, December 2018